Unplanned Journey

It was not a good Saturday. I missed to register my name for  Coimbatore Marathon.So ,i decided to see the place for the runners. Went and seen the place of starting and finishing line. I was too tensed because I can finish the race of 5 kms .
I was tensed …!! ? So?? What’s next???
Yes…!! Hotel... I need some heavy food to overcome my tension .Ate a lot and slept.

Next Day. I wanted to see the runners .But I woke after the 2 hrs. of my 2nd alarm.it was already 10.
When I woke up my first word to my roommate Mahesh was“Boss ooty polaama?”.
He replied “First Break Fast Saapdalaam”
He always force me to take breakfast. We had a breakfast. I drove a bike towards VOC Ground to see marathon. Not even a single mark to show that the marathon happened on that area.
Another tension . So?? What’s Next??? Yes, started thinking about Lunch.
Mahesh said Lets search Pork shop. We have decided to eat pork.
First time with pork when I ate the piece of it, I said  Uhhaae…!!
Vomiting sense reside with me for next 1 hour.my childhood love bourbon biscuit filled the small cap of my belly. And I was in mood to kick start the ooty plan again.
Already I was in the road towards ooty. So it was easy to me to get a permission from Mahesh. I said him “Boss Mala adivaaram varaikkaaachum poittu varuvomae” he didn’t say anything.
So we moved from Coimbatore towards ooty.i was in mood to drive. Just 90 kms.thought we can reach within 2 hours. We started from Coimbatore around 3 pm.
First Hair pin Bend.donno why I love this word “Hair pin Bend “from my childhood. My mom used to say something about “Hair pin Bend “.

When we crossing the first hair pin bend. I have changed the gear in wrong side .it was slowdown the speed .nearly I pulled down the bike to the ground but I managed to cross 2 hair pin bends. Monkey's given me the sweat ,and the warning boards for landslide and elephant crossing too.
Mahesh said “anga paarunga brit Coimbatore superah theriyuthu..anga paarunga antha mala superla”.i replied “yow summaa vaayaa nee vaera”.(He is elder than me..) 

I was not in mood to view that lovely location, was concentrate on driving, I was like man on the rope. Mahesh said “sari neenga location ah paarthittae vaanga naa bike otturaen” thank god he understood…thought it was safe for both of us, if he didn’t ask me means I may found the shortcut to Coimbatore  through that valley .
Had a tea in the middle. He asked me “Ok brit, keela poidalaama?”
Climate was same like Coimbatore.so I said to Mahesh “boss coonoor varaikkum poittu varalaamae”
It was unplanned so we didn't wear a suitable cloths . He was freezing .After we reached to coonoor I said to Mahesh”boss innum ooty ku 20 kms thaana anga polaam boss “he was not ready to take my words and replied “sari boss kelambalaam coonoor paathaachula”.
 We reached there @5:30 p.m.I have seen the church on the top. I said “antha church ku mattum poittu thirumba poidalaam”
Then I have seen the board “Sims park 3 kms” … I said “boss 3kms la oru park irukkae anga polaam,varum pothu church ku pogalaam”.

Flowers and aroma of park was soothing .
I said to him “Super place boss,Yaen IT Company laam inga vaikka maatraanga AC thaeva illaila”
Started from coonoor @6:30 p.m.sun was getting ready to sleep .

 i have seen the church again. We went there .it was my loving St.Antony church. Prayed for safe journey now and throughout my lifetime and started from coonoor.Dark roads given enough thrill .

I asked to Mahesh “boss,intha katterumailaam nightu manusanga smell vanthaalae sallunu vanthu adikkumaam….thideernu puli vanthiduchunaa enna panrathu”…
 I was in the world of childerens.he was started kidding me.
Even in that time I forced him to stop near hairpin bend warning board to take a snap. Finally we landed safely to the road that I can drive safely. It was awesome experience.Enjoyed like anything.The Thrill and chill journey ended with hot soup.

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  1. Brit .. What a lovely Narration by you.. The way you narrated was awesome. It made to feel that i was accompanying you both on the Journey. :)